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MPP Rob Milligan: private member’s bill supports Free My Grapes

Updated: Sep 19, 2017

In Ontario, MPP Rob Milligan’s private member’s bill has passed second reading. His office issued the following news release, and you can read the bill online. This is a step forward in having Ontario open it’s borders to Canadian wine; be sure to write your MPP in support of the bill.

MPP Milligan’s “Free My Grapes” Private Member’s Bill Passes Second Reading (Queen’s Park) – MPP Rob Milligan’s (Northumberland-Quinte West) Private Member’s Bill has passed second reading with all party support. Bill 98 entitled “An Act Respecting the Importation of Wine, Beer and Spirits from other Provinces” amends the Liquor Control Act to add a provision that permits individuals of legal age to import wine into Ontario from another province as long as it is for personal consumption only.

“I’m thrilled that Bill 98 has passed second reading,” Milligan said. “The Ontario wine industry is the largest in Canada and will benefit from inter-provincial trade opportunities.”

Bill 98 has received support from wineries throughout the province, Free My Grapes, and the Canadian Vintner’s Association. According to a Harris De

cima study undertaken in June 2012 83% of Ontarians believe that they should be able to import wine from another province.“Bill 98 updates an 84-year old law and allows greater consumer access to wines across provinces,” Milligan said. “Stakeholder discussions revealed how mutually beneficial inter-provincial wine trade can be. For example, a Nova Scotia wine club would like to enter into a partnership with an Ontario-based winery were they reciprocally promote each other.”Milligan hopes that since Bill 98 received all-party support the governing Liberal’s will expediently call the bill for third reading.


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