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Write a letter to your local representative

First, contact your provincial representative — MLA, MPP or MNA — we’ve got links below to help you find your representative — and send him or her a letter explaining how you deserve the freedom to order your favourite Canadian wine products.


Not sure where to start? Use our sample letter. Remember to copy your Premier and any appropriate minister, such as your Minister of Finance and your Minister of Trade/ Economic Development, if applicable.

French Supporter letter

English Supporter letter

Tips for your letter:

 1. Make it yours. It makes a difference if you add some personal comments.

 2. A mailed letter will have the most impact. You can also send the letter by email.

 3. It’s always a good idea to copy your Premier.

No stamp is required to send a letter to your federal Member of Parliament. However, a stamp is required to mail your provincial/territorial MLA.

What can you do? Send a message to our politicians.

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