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Our aim: to ensure adult Canadians have the freedom to purchase their favourite Canadian wines. It’s time for every province to step up and free our grapes.

Our mission:  to change provincial laws so Canadians can purchase and ship wine for their personal use directly from wineries in other provinces.

Free My Grapes is a volunteer based, non-profit organization established by wine lovers who believe that Canada produces some of the world's best wine. Unfortunately, we cannot find many Canadian wines at our local liquor stores.

Current Canadian laws limit the variety of Canadian wines easily available to consumers, encouraging us to buy foreign wine. This harms Canadian businesses and jobs by handcuffing the growth of Canadian wineries, discourages wine tourism, and punishes Canadians who wish to buy our own wines.

To date, our campaign has produced much-needed changes in federal law, as well as the provinces of Manitoba, British Columbia  and Nova Scotia stepping up to legislate into provincial law the intent of federal Bill C-311.

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